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YEEEEESSSS GIRL! Who has been out and about and wanted to be able to clean your rings on the go??? MEEEE! These little wipes are perfect for on the go Bling cleaning!!!! Say “Bling Clean” ten times fast LOL!!! On a serious note I love the idea of these little guys. I have gotten everything in my rings before from makeup to pizza sauce…yes pizza sauce!!! To be able to grab a wipe and clean that up is exactly what I need!!! These wipes are so easy to use and need NO WATER WHHHHHAAAATTT!!!! Any who if this sounds like something you would looove click on the video below to order!!!

  • Box of 10 individually packaged wipes
  • An easy way to clean your bling on-the-go
  • Our unique solution removes oil, make-up, lotion and other residue that dull your jewelry’s natural brilliance.
  • Intended for use on diamonds, gold, silver and gemstones
  • Do not use on pearls or emeralds

Bling Wipes – Jewelry Wipes – Bling Life

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