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What the heck Bling? I get asked this question all the time so I wanted to do a blog about it. For many years Bling has been around. I even think the cave men would shine up a rock for their woman back in the day LOL. Bling is something that sparkles! When the light hits it, it creates the beautiful sparkle that fills a whole room. As crazy as it sounds even a persons personality can bling! You know that person that walks in a room and it lights up! Bling is usually talked about in jewelry, but their are so many other areas you can wear your bling. I found the cutest pair of Bling leggings…yes leggings! Bling can also be added to ANYTHING…even a toilet!!! I will do another blog and maybe a you tube video on the different types of Bling you can apply to your stuff. My absolute favorite of course is bling jewelry but I also LOVE some cute Bling Shoes!!! Bling Boots are HUGE and sweeping the fashion industry from Country concerts to Proms!!! I have even blinged out some boots for a bride! People who add bling to stuff are what I call Blingsters!!! Get your Bling ON! 

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