Must have Bling Cowgirl Boots

Must have Bling Cowgirl Boots! Red has always been a show stopping color. Red is a sexy color that not only pops on your lips, but also pops on just about any car you put it on. When styling a sexy outfit out on the town, I think all black with red boots is the way to go! These boots have a 2 inch heel so you still get the height without the discomfort of heels. I have these boots and have to say that they are very comfortable! I also love the cross design on the side and the option to have a lot of bling, or a little bling. Cowboy boots are being worn more in proms, and a bit hit with weddings too! Please watch the video below to learn more about these Must have Red Bling Cowgirl Boots! In the you tube video below you will see the bottom of these boots which are SWEEEEEET!!! They look wooden are almost like old school panel LOL! Jlynns boots also have a zipper on the side of them YEEEEESSSSSS GIRL!!!! We all know that boots are so much easier to slip on when you have a zipper on the side! The inside of these boots are super soft and are perfect to dance the night away in! I did a photo shoot with them and  a white wedding dress and GORG guys!!!! GORG!!!! As seen in the video below they also have come in Black!!!! HELLLLOOO Black is the best color that goes with EVERY outfit!!!! So if your not a person who wants to stick out maybe black is a better color for you! To be honest I loooove the Black with the silver cross and get tons of compliments when I wear them! Another plus the black Jlynns are iridescent, so when the sun hits them YEEEEEEES GIRL!!!!! SPARKLE!!!!!

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