One Shoe three sexy heels

One Shoe three sexy heels! How many of us wished we had a pair of shoes we could wear different ways.  These gorgeous heels come with scarves so you can change up your style. The zebra black and white striped scarf is sexy and fun that will complete that little black dress look. These heels […]

Love verses Hate

To show hate is never the right answer! Hate only brings more hate. Hate never made any situation better. Hate is the Devil’s way of laughing! What hurts us is not for us to handle, but give it to God. Instead of hitting others we should hit our knees in prayer for them. Revenge was […]

Glitter in Gold Wedges

Get ready to glitter in gold with these gorgeous wedges! Glitter in Gold Wedges are super stylish and go with many outfits. We as women need something to make us feel beautiful. So much hate in the world with people getting bullied from kids to adults. Why? I don’t understand where all this hate comes […]

Step into style with Silver Wedges

Step into style with Silver Wedges!  These gorgeous wedges are sure to turn heads no matter where you go. Tons of beautiful sparkles cover this shoe from heel to toe. These beautiful wedges are sure to add bling to any outfit. This silver wedge is perfect for that formal occasion to dance the night away. […]

Purple Sequin Cowboy Boots to kick off spring

Purple Sequin Cowboy Boots to kick off spring!  Soleful Styles is so excited to announce we now carry Helens Heart purple sequin cowboy boots. Purple is such a fun color to wear and now you can wear purple on your feet too. These gorgeous cowboy boots are covered in purple sequins. The unique embroidery is […]

Red Swarovski Crystal Cowboy Boots

Red Swarovski Crystal Cowboy Boots.  You will turn heads in these gorgeous swarovski crystal boots! Jlynns Platinum have a gorgeous silver thread cross with swarovski crystals that make this cross pop! 100% swarovski crystals line the bottom of this boot that makes it sparkle with each step you take. This gorgeous boots will go perfect […]

Black and bling must have wedges

Black and bling must have wedges!  These super cute black and bling wedges are sure to turn heads everywhere you go! Not only do these super cute wedges offer tons of fashion and style, but also are super comfortable to wear. You will fall in love with them as soon as you take them out […]

Parades and Pink Cowboy Boots

Parades and Pink Cowboy Boots! When Christmas is over, and the tree goes in storage again the party down south does not stop! After December is over, the south gets ready for Mardi Gras! Weeks of parades and formal balls with lots of fun and dancing! This is the perfect time to take your fashion […]

Soleful Styles Boots Rocking Mardi Gras 2015

Soleful Styles Boots Rocking Mardi Gras 2015! If you live in the south then you know all about Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras is the oldest carnival celebration in the United States, starting in 1703. Mystic society members wear elaborate costumes that reflect the theme of their parade, ball or float. Costumes include custom-made hats or […]

Kick Up Prom With Bling Cowboy Boots

Kick Up Prom With Bling Cowboy Boots! Ladies get ready to kick up your heels for a night of fun and comfort! Soleful Styles carries tons of bling cowboy boots that are perfect for prom! Cowboy boots are taking fashion by storm! Why wear heels that will hurt your feet all night, when you can […]

Soleful Styles carries brand new Jlynns

Soleful Styles carries brand new Jlynns!  Ladies watch out for the brand new Jlynns cowboy boots! Jlynns is a smart cowboy boot, because you can either dress them up or dress them down. The smooth bottom of the boot goes perfect with your favorite jeans or dress pants! Feeling a little funky! Wear Jlynns with […]